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 · Croc Gold Trap Fluid Bed Sluice; Pages: Previous 1 2 3. Login to reply #51. SWright. Member From ... can''t wait to commence my build. casper" Luck happens when Preparation meets Opportunity " ... 15 December 2019 02:52 pm. Bump. Looks like croc gold traps are no longer making their fluid base sluices and the guy that runs the US based green ...

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 · There are some cool diy fluid bed sluice design videos on . I think astro did a cool one. There is a huge difference between a riffle sluice and a fluid bed sluice like the bazooka. ... I would use astros build, I love it! Built two of them because im impatient, and folks always look at me when im crazy using them ALewis likes this. Jun ...

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2012-3-28 · CALIFORNIA SLUICE BOX – FLUID BED GOLD TRAP … sluice box. This Gold trap was designed to use with a high banker, trommel or dredge. very easy to add onto your equipment and to use. this unit comes with a brass ball valve for precise adjusting of the fluid bed. … DIY GOLD TRAP. This for … »More detailed


2015-9-30 · How to build a 24" fluid bed sluice. Field Test. 1 These are the plans for a 24" Fluid Bed Sluice with experimental foil entry. I''ve included an "hydro-type" foil at the entry to the trap allowing heavies to drop closer to the front.

Gold Reaper Max Fluid Bed Sluice

2021-9-2 · Then this is the sluice for you! This is the larger of our two Gold Reaper Sluices. It measures 36" long and 6" tall. The width narrows from 13" in the rear down to 9" up front. This angle allows the box to self-clear the material on the top deck, and force gold through the grizzlies and into the fluid trap. Once inside, the gravel is ...

3'' clear fluid bed gold sluice with removable capture tray

Shop for Green Mountain Gold Trap 3'' River Bed Hog clear fluid bed classifier / sluice box gold trap with a removable capture tray. No more lifting the whole unit out of the water to do a clean out. Compare to Bazooka Gold Trap, Grizzly Gold Trap, The Recon sluice and the expodition sluice.

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 · Re: A new and improved fluid bed sluice. by dickb Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:24 pm. Hi Randy: I would be willing to bet that the LeTrap will do a better job catching the nano than the Fluid bed. The nano can''t win the fight with current and settle to the bottom of the fluid bed in those faster water flows. Just my read on the physics of both sluices.

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Expedition Fluid Bed Sluice is the workhorse of our product line. It. combines compact design with material processing speed – At just under. 24″ long and weighing in at 4.1 lbs, The Expedition defines portable. power! It is capable of processing up to 8-10 buckets per hour. (INCLUDING time for classifying material), yet is compact enough ...

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 · 11 September 2017 05:54 pm. Now ready to go! The Croc Gold Trap range has now completed it''s first production run and is ready for delivery. Available in three sizes, these fluid bed sluices, modelled on the old BazookaGold Trap and are …

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 · So they are basically a twin decked sluice approx 1m long x 400mm wide x 120mm high and taper down to about 160mm wide x 120 high at the discharge end of the sluice. They have a fluid bed at the end with a grate system to classify the larger rocks and stop the clogging the lower section.

Fluid Bed Sluice 36

2015-9-30 · This site shows how to build a 36" fluid bed sluice. Field Test. 1 Click any of the pics to enlarge. The slide show works or press > for advance. 2 Roughed in size 6" x 36" x 16" tapered to 9". The acrylic landing surface is 1" above the slide plate surface.

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Clear fluid bed box "Classifier" with removable trap. Currently we have two sizes to choose from, with more to come in the near future. Green Mountain Gold Traps. 23" Green Mountain Gold Trap. 3'' Green Mountain Gold Trap. Shop By Price. $0.00 - $100.00.

Grizzly Gold Trap Fluid Bed Sluice

The Grizzly Gold Trap is the apex in design for fluid bed sluice boxes. It is the gold standard. Utilizing several field-tested innovations and manufacturing techniques, the Grizzly Gold Trap optimizes fluid dynamics to produce a sluice that maximizes material processing while maintaining high levels of …

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 · Check out the AMP web site: Aurora Mining Products They have a pretty good video with their fluid bed sluice (2 models) and a new sluice they are making available in 2016. The fluid bed sluices are said to recover gold from 0 - 200 mesh size. Plus cleanup is quick.

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Fluid Bed Recovery,Sluicebox Grizzly,Bucket Classifiers,Camp Table Bucket Classifier,Quicksand Gold Chamber, Quicksand Concentrator and Drop Riffle sluices. FREE SHIPPING on most items. email [email protected] for shipping on larger items.


3'' clear fluid bed gold sluice with removable capture tray

Home made fluid bed gold trap sluice

 · If you search for bazooka gold trap, fluid bed or schmidt (I think) sluice you will find lots of info. The actual product is only $200ish plus postage from the states, so while a bit expensive for a joined and bent bit of ABS and lots of research and development, I actually think it is good value for something that works so well.

Toprunner-FluidBed Combi-Sluice DIY Project

2017-5-12 · Improved concept drawing: This shows the fluid bed at a lower level. The challenge is that the back pressure from the fluid bed might impede flow through the lower part of the sluice. that would have to be avoided, by a step down - after the ridged carpet fine gold collecting zone - into the fluid bed larger particle processing zone.

Gold Trap Fluid Bed Sluice: Nugget

Simply place the fluid bed end of the sluice in a 5-gallon bucket of water, plunge the chamber end up and down a few times to empty it, and you are ready to put the Gold Trap back into the water to capture more gold. Please allow 2 days for production. Features include: Large capacity, self-cleaning fluid bed trap

Fluid bed sluice

The Aurora Sluice Box is a great piece of equipment. Check out the AMP web site: Aurora Mining Products They have a pretty good video with their fluid bed sluice (2 models) and a new sluice they are making available in 2016. The fluid bed sluices are said to recover gold from 0 - 200 mesh size. Plus cleanup is quick.


2017-5-11 · The lower one is a new generation of fluid bed sluice called a Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice. And the lower one has a kink in it where the gold trap begins, and several other improvements to the Bazooka designs. These look very interesting and I think I''ll …

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2019-8-8 · Fluid bed sluice. Does anyone use a fluid bed sluice like a Bazooka or a Green Mountain gold trap? I have heard both views - that they are great for fine gold recovery, or not. I''m wondering if anyone has any first hand experience. These links are examples, not …

Grizzly Gold Trap Sluice

Grizzly Gold Trap sluices are the next generation of fluid bed sluices. Used by prospectors to capture gold from nuggets to fine gold in streams and rivers. Grizzly Gold Trap is a self-classifying sluice and maximizes gold recovery better than any sluice on the market.

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 · A self classifying sluice, that has a fluid bed and dream mat as a back up is more than possible. I do beleive these will become the benchmark in time of river sluicing. Faster, more volume and yeild percentage. I think fluid beds are that simple, that some shy away from them in disbelief. https:// … 51#p453451

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The Recon Fluid Bed Sluice is our most popular machine and has revolutionized Placer Mining. At only 18″ long and weighing in at 2.2 lbs, the Recon is capable of processing up to 4-5 buckets per hour (INCLUDING time for classifying material)! Designed to fit easily into a 5-gallon bucket or small backpack, the Recon is the perfect

My Diy Fluid Bed Gold Trap Sluice

 · Then build a combination sluice/fluid bed trap to end the lost gold blues! No Riffles, No need to classify, No lost gold. My version does not load up with rocks that have to constantly be cleared off the grizzly as on the commercial models.

Fluid Bed Sluices

The trap is filled with a bed of moving sand and small pebbles. Two vents, one on either side of the sluice, channel water through a set of holes in the side of the trap, where it flows across the sand, keeping it in an agitated, fluid state. The gold, being heavier than the sand, works its way to the bottom of the trap, where it is captured.